Notification Email

I want a screen shot to show the last move in my correspondence games in notification email. That help much because sometimes I don’t have time to log in. I can think about next move even I’m not log in to OGS. Anyone know where can I do that?


That’s a neat idea!

I am afraid we do not have that option at the moment, but thanks to you we might in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like the kind of thing that would either be really easy to implement or really hard haha but I can see many others benefiting from this if it were implemented.

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Hope this option will be update soon.

there are currently no notification emails at all, due to a bug… am I right?

I don’t know. When I play correspondence games , OGS always send me notification email to notificate me make a move. You can see this option in settings