Notification for players messaging you?

Might be something to consider, adding a notification not only from moves but also for someone sending you a message directly, or even in a game?


What do you mean? There’s notifications for pretty much everything.

Settings > Enable desktop notifications [v].

In respect of getting a “Message”, the notification seems perfect: the little box with the chat session pops up discreetly at the bottom showing you that you have a pending conversation.

The major major gap is that if someone types a message into a game-chat as the game finishes, or after, you don’t get notified, and have no reason to look at the game again.

It’s a big wish list item of mine that this would get fixed somehow.

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Pretty sure he means email notifications.
It would be amazing to know if someone has sent you a private message or an in game message without having to log in and check every game you’ve ever played to see if it has a new message

You’re right. If we got email notification of pending game chat messages, it would solve the problem I mentioned.

However, this would need careful consideration how to implement, because we don’t want a darn email for every chat message we get…

Not sure how many email notifications you have turned on, but my personal experience has been if you’re actively playing a game, (or I guess currently active on the site) the server won’t email you saying it’s your turn… So I’m inclined to believe a similar check would also be in place for chat messages meaning you’d only be notified of the messages you missed while you were away.

No, please make this a feature and set it as enabled by default. That will teach all those people playing 100 games at once.


:smiley: :smiley: Oh - true true! Bring it on! :smiley:

Because obviously people that play a lot of go need to be punished somehow.

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Actually, there’s no evidence that people who play 100 games at once play more Go than people who play 5 games at once. What actually happens is that the 100 games at once people play them all painfully slowly…

Time controls are a resource. If you don’t like it, play faster time controls. Don’t paint an entire group with the one judgemental brush.
But this is getting rather off topic I dare say.

That doesn’t seem rational at all, ofc people who play 100 games of go play more than someone who plays 5 games. That is 95 more variations of the game to be exact. It is more exposure to the game.

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I suspect the whole 100 games thing was meant largely in jest :wink: although if you play 100 games for two months or five new games every three days you can get to the same ammount! That’s what GaJ was saying I think.

But yes please, let’s get back to the original idea. So you people would really want an e-mail for every message you get when not online? O.o And about the missed in-game chats, how about making it a notofication (upper right) or is that silly?


Yeah, 100 was hyperbole on my part. But I seriously do find that opponents I play who have many games going at once play way slower than those who don’t. So I’m not convinced that it’s a rule that more games at once means more go.

Anyhow, I only ever get an email about a go turn being due if it is about to time out. Not each time it is my turn.

What would be the equivalent for in-game chats?

I’m thinking I only really care about an email for them if they come as the game closes.

But maybe if it is a really slow game, someone would like to know if there is a chat that came during the “thinking” time?

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I don’t know about being emailed Everytime someone messages you, as that might result in a pretty cluttered inbox.

I like the idea of having some kind of notification in the top right of the websites UI


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