Notification query & Participants left hanging in cancelled tournaments bug

How do I clear this notification that appears banner style at the top of the home page:

The tournament was cancelled well over an hour ago.

Nb. I was in the tournament window at the time and received no visible notification from inside that window when the cancellation occurred. So I continued to wait for any late arrivals for a while all unknowing.

I don’t think these ones can be cleared. Does anything happen when you click the link?

It tries to go to the tournament page and then the little ‘Not Found’ message appears.

Hmm I was worried you’d say that :stuck_out_tongue: stupid question, try shift+f5? :wink:

No luck. I’ve also tried closing and reopening but it’s still there…edit (I’ve also tried logging out, closing, opening and logging back in. Still there).

I’m more concerned that there was no way for me to know that it was cancelled from inside the tournament screen at the time. You used to get a notification in the top-right and of course you have to be ON that tournament screen when it starts for live or blitz.

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Used two windows to demonstrate. Luckily for me we only had 5 out of 6 people or I’d have been playing blitz 13x13. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

aside: Since OGS is international, ‘Cancelled’ should have two l’s in it which is correct everywhere (including the US) rather than ‘Canceled’ which is only correct in the US.

Yeah definitely buggy. I’ll ping @anoek but I also recommend lodging an issue report here :slight_smile:

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Hm that’s odd and not intentional.


Finally lodged here with respect to:

More recent screen shot:

and since I’m rehashing an earlier issue I’ll add this: Disclaimer