Notification system for android... kind of

A friend suggested me to post my “notification system” for android, using the gmail app. It’s a simple thing, but it could be useful to others while there isn’t an OGS app, so here it goes:

Within OGS:
Activate email notifications for new moves;

Within gmail using the browser:
Create a filter for [ogs-notifications];
Configure it so the filtered emails skip the inbox and are archived immediately;
Create an OGS tag (or whatever…) and mark your filtered emails with it;

Within the gmail app:
Go to Definitions > Your email account > Manage tags;
Configure your OGS tag to syncronize and activate notifications.

That’s it. OGS notifications will now have separate notifications from the rest and will not mix with other emails.

The only annoying part is gmail groups the messages under the same conversation, hiding the game link.

I’ve addressed this issue in another post. Let’s see if it gets solved.

Hope it helps.