Notification when game is paused?

Sometimes I will look through my outstanding games and realised that 1 or 2 games are not moving because they are paused.

I think it will be better if there are notifications when the opponent pauses the game. I will never know the games are paused unless I find them manually in my list of games.

Also, why can one player just unilaterally decide to pause the game? I thought in real life pause should be agreed upon by both players, much like the result of a game.


If it’s paused by opponents clicking the pause button you can always unpause if you don’t agree with the pause so that system effectively needs agreement from both players.

Vacation and weekend pauses are different.


Yes, but I’m trying to say that I would not know the opponent has paused the game unless I go and manually find it. So it’s one-sided unless I actively go and find the game that has been paused.


Seems reasonable. I wonder if @GreenAsJade
or @dexonsmith might give a view as to the technical implications and if this could be done more or less “easily”


There’s already a “Game Paused” sound event.

(Check your cockpit, on the panel to the left of the windscreen wiper knobs)

Is it not working?

Em but for that to work I need to be online and be in front of the PC no? I can’t be online all the time and neither can I be sitting in front of my PC 24/7

Also my understanding was that the sound is only effective if the game window is open. Even if the sound is effective for non-open windows there’s still the problem above.


The games paused could have a marker in the game list (or a specific format, like italic or colored text)
With boards view, it can be mentioned on the top too.

That will help slightly but if the game is at the bottom of my list I still have to scroll all the way down. Granted I may have too many games ongoing but still it’s a bit inconvenient :sweat_smile:

IMO a simple notification will let the player know immediately that the opponent has paused the game and can solve the issue easily.

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Using a filter you could get all your paused games together at the top of the list.

Yes… But my point is I shouldn’t be “actively” looking for paused games lol.

Just like when the game has ended it will appear in the notification on the top right. I wouldn’t be looking through my game list to see who has resigned or timed out.


Can you clarify if you are talking about live or correspondence?

I had assumed live, but it’s sounding like correspondence now.

What kind of “notification” do you have in mind, for “a correspondence game is paused”?

I assumed correspondence as if live you’d notice clock stopping etc even without sound

And yes a notification like “someone added chat to your finished game” but saying “your opponent paused game xxx” or something.


And yes a notification like “someone added chat to your finished game” but saying “your opponent paused game xxx” or something.

Yes, exactly.
For live games naturally I would know immediately since the window is open.
For correspondence games it’s impossible to know unless I go and find it.

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Did not read the rest of this thread (apart from the first few posts).

One sided pause is imho weird. Should not be allowed.
Pausing is something you agree upon, not impose on your opponent.


And not the second post?!
You already cannot impose pause on your opponent


I wonder if it would be useful to restrict “clicking pause” to when it’s your opponent’s turn.

If you want to pause the game:

  • if it’s your turn, you need to:
    • make a move first, then click pause; or
    • ask your opponent to pause for you.
  • if it’s your opponent’s turn:
    • click pause.

For correspondence games, this means that by you’ll find the paused game naturally by going through the games where it’s your turn.

Maybe there’s some reason this is a bad idea though? Maybe it’s only a good idea for correspondence games?

(A possible extension, but requires a lot more work, I imagine: when it’s your opponent’s turn, you can pause, as above; when it’s your turn, you have a “request pause” button, and your opponent gets a notification or on-screen indication that you want to pause the game)

I don’t know how the notification system works, but the OP’s request for a notification on a paused correspondence game seems like a nice idea too.


It can be a good idea. It will require that people who want to go on pause on their turn understand they can’t (like they shouldn’t search where is the pause)

I think it’s slightly better than the current way of allowing pause to be done as and when needed.
But it still doesn’t resolve the main problem of the player not being able to know the game is paused immediately.

Even if the game is my turn, it would take some time for me to go to the game if I have a lot of time left in that game. By that time the opponent would’ve “gained” a lot of time from the pause.

I think one-sided pause is good. It allows a quick stoppage of the game, and the opponent can just unpause if you don’t give a good reason why you paused (they get to decide what counts as a “good reason”, naturally)

The only issue is that in correspondence there’s no notification which allows the opponent to easily exercise this right to unpause


This would make sealed moves by mutual agreement harder, because you’d have to ask your opponent to pause after sealing your move, instead of just doing it yourself

I don’t see a good reason to remove the option to pause whenever, and so I don’t want to remove it

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