Notifications app for macOS

Hi everyone!

I created a new notification app for macOS (formerly known as OSX) called OGS Notifications that lives in your status bar and notifies you when you have correspondance games waiting at OGS. It shows you your currently active games as well as any waiting notifications.

No more timed-out games! :slight_smile:

You can get it here:

If you have any comments or wishes, just send me a message!


This is excellent! Thank you! Is it possible to add a bit where it performs text to speech perhaps to notify such as “[USERNAME] has played a move”?

Thanks for the app, I love it.


Thanks for the feature request! Yes, I will implement this in the next version alongside with the option of a sound playing when a move happened. It should not take too long (one or two weeks max), stay tuned!



A few questions:

Why? Will I have to enter my credentials after every re-launch of the app or every restart of the machine?

I use Google Chrome, can you pls add Chrome? Or even better, make it browser-independent resp. make it use my default browser?

  1. Colour, please? For example, light green if it’s not my turn in any game, light red if there are games to play, light yellow if one of the games is in the stone removal phase or if one of my opponents has resigned? That would be even more awesome—I’m very visually oriented, and I recognise colours much faster than a number.

  2. Would it be possible to have it send me to my “Home” page (i.e. just just on a click on the icon? (perhaps via an option in the preferences … and then maybe have a toggle switch to use right-click (= ctrl-click) to get the whole menu? (otherwise we wouldn’t get to the prefs any more)).
    And …

  3. Will you tell us here how many people have purchased it? :smiley: I think these stats would be very interesting not only for the team but also other users. (I’d understand if you wouldn’t want to do so, though.)

Thanks in advance,



And now this:


I’ll send you the crash report in a PM here on the forum.


  1. The password will not be saved, as it is only once used to create an access token according to the guidelines I found in this forum. You do not need to re-authenticate upon relaunch of app or computer. The sentence is confusing, I will remove it in the next version.

  2. Strange, I will look into this! The program tries to detect available browsers. On my system Chrome is presented as option.

      1. Thanks for the input, will add it to my TODO list!

Oh no a crash! :confounded: Thanks for the log, will address this as soon as possible. Please allow more time for new features however.

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Just to let everybody now, if you encountered a crash, I have submitted a bug fix. It should be available within the next few days.

The system default browser is now also better supported.
You can now use color for the status icon, however this feature is not yet fully implemented and will further improve with the next version.

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After a bit of a pause, here comes an update for OGSNotification, a notification app for macOS.

Here’s a list of what changed in this version:
-) Support for paused games
-) Stone removal phase now shown by yellow background
-) Spoken Notifications (as requested by @frobnoz!)
-) Get notified by system notifications

I am happy to hear about comments or requests! :smiley:

You can get it here: