Notifications don't allow to see the time left in the game

When I play the (blitz) game and the new notification from server appears on the PC screen I cannot see the time and periods left in the game. I need to close the notification instead of playing the game. So I can loose by time in that moment.


Do you mean the announcements?

These can be hidden from settings:

(And settings is accessible by clicking your avatar)

Oh, thanks for that! Didn’t know this.

Looks like the announcements are disappeared from the home (or play) page too. Actually, I would like to see the announcements, but only when I am ready for them.


Not anymore, clicking the avatar now links to the profile (and personally I like it)

I fully agree, the announcement system needs a revamp. But there are many other priorities right now, sadly :sweat_smile:

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Ok, I should have said tapping!

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