Notifications for chat in ended correspondence games

I play a lot of correspondence games lately (lack time for live/blitz) and quite regularly I have interesting chats with the persons I play. Because this community is pretty awesome :thumbsup:

However, because correspondence games can end with one player not looking at the game at the moment of ending, you can easily miss messages from your opponent. I really have to remember that I have recently ended games, to make sure and check up on those games for missed messages. A lot of the times, people did say something but if I’d reply, I’m pretty sure they’d not read it anymore. Obviously I could private message them, but that ‘feels’ quite intrusive. Just like random friend requests.

But it would be nice to get a notification if you have unread chats in ended games, or perhaps in all correspondence games regardless of state. Is that something other people would like as well? :slight_smile: Haven’t submitted this on uservoice yet, just wanted to hear your thoughts.


Nice idea, and probably worth creating a UserVoice entry for it (though I am not sure it can be implemented with our chat service).

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Just to clarify: for the notification, I just mean the same service OGS uses for ‘game start’ and ‘game end’ notifications. Not notifications outside of OGS.

I’ll go ahead and create a uservoice item for it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I understand, I just don’t know whether there’s something in the chat system that could be used as a trigger (not a coder, etc.).

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Well, there has to be a function that runs when the user hits the return key and the chat is sent to the server, right? So could a couple of lines of code be added to that function calling the function which handles notifications for other things, such as group news? I’m guessing that the function for group news is already set up to accept at least some parameters, so even if the formatting is messy, it seems like you could get the idea across that there’s are one or more unread chats if you click the link without having to rewrite much of anything.

@trohde What issues are you foreseeing devs running into that make you think this could be unfeasible? It seems quite feasible to me, but you probably know more both about the OGS backend and programming in general than me, so I could have missed some complications.

nope nope nope, I know NOTHING of all that, I’m a just simple print media guy (sort of) :slight_smile:

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