Nova League (was: Advanced Study Room)

Hello everyone! The new tournament update to OGS is on its way and we are all excited right? YaY ! So as most of you know I am going to be hosting a league called Advanced Study Room that originated on KGS and I am going to open one here as well thanks to the new tournament system. I have already decided how I would like things to be set up and how things run it will be a very tough first few months for the league but I am hoping everyone who participates will enjoy it I am creating this post to ask some of you players who would like to participate what you would like to see in the league is there anything specific you think we should try to add in or maybe its something you would like to volunteer with? please let me know in this thread thanks a bunch ^^!


Go Mikasa! :smile:

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Pun intended, of course

I participated in the ASR League on KGS for a while. A problem I found was that people enter the League(s) from different time zones and it was often difficult to find the opponent online at a suitable time. The games were live games in that League. I don’t know whether the version here will be correspondence games. Other than that it was good and very popular as I recall. It is certainly good for people who want to play level games against opponents of higher rank.

Hello Halibut the one here is going to be stepping away from a few things you mentioned too start the games will be live we want to encourage more live games to happen on the server! groups will be much smaller here and not a giant cluster of games you can your opponent will need to contact eachother through OGS to schedule the game a big problem for ASR-KGS was that the players didn’t contact eachother they simply waited for another opponent to log in but the groups were also giant whales the groups will be small enough that you can contact the opponents in your subgroups… another thing we will be stepping away from here is the mix of the ranks a big big problem on ASR-KGS was that lets say the strongest players were 3dans who joined they started in delta and had to play a bunch of kyu players they made there way to delta and are still play a bunch of kyu players by this time they realize no one is going to be able to teach them in the league so they start complaining that they are not benefiting from the league but the 1k right below them are okay with this as long as they benefit then the those 3dans quit the leagues and the 1ks are now the strongest and have no one to teach them therefore they think its wrong and drop out themselves… to fix thsi problem the league on day 1 will be sorted by rank so dans will start with other dan players and so forth that way instead of being a large cluster of teaching games it will be a large cluster of discussions where both players benefit from eachother.

There will always be some people stronger than others who will not benefit from the league system. They need to make an effort.

If not, then they have indeed no place in a study league. (In the case of KGS the dans get free rewards for beating up on weaker players so I don’t see a reason for them to complain.)

If the league is sorted by rank, it’s going to be a giant Kyu battlefield. What will differentiate the league from the actual ranking system?

From experience players of similar strength cannot benefit from each other. More so on the low kyu and ddk levels.

The winner will either feel superior and show his knowledge, the loser will be pissed and say he was not playing seriously or that the opponent got lucky or the game was decided on a stupid mistake. There’s absolutely no discussion possible between players of the same rank.

So in the end, people will have to get their games reviewed. But again what does differentiate a league from the ranking system?

So I’m guessing leagues are going to be like group ladders but with live games.

It can be useful if the admin of the group is willing to review each game in the same way as the In-Seong league ($$$) or just for internal group fun.

The only advantage of the ASR is to be able to play against stronger players and help weaker players.
If that advantage is gone I see no point in participating in a competitive league.

Wrong sefo there is a way even dans can benefit :slight_smile: by playing players of there own rank its true from your experience this does not help you because you don’t understand how to make it benefit you while other dan players can easily benefit from playing one another its simple “WE DISCUSS THE GAME” you can’t simply exit the game after or review it on your own and say you learned and call it good you can’t simply claim you have nothing to learn from this other player of similar rank otherwise whats the point of being the rank you are if you can’t learn anything from people of the same rank? and no if you actually read my last post I hope you will since you didn’t read it all the way apparently “a giant kyu battlefield” groups are not going to be big :smiley: or giant for that matter they are going to be smaller groups even if we were to collide dans with kyu players in a giant battlefield like you want you still won’t learn anything from it because you can only learn from something that you want to actually learn from and on that note if you are interested in playing stronger players you can move up in the groups not by participation but by winning against others in your group so if you think you have what it takes to play against said stronger players then at least prove yourself :smile:

You could force all participants in the league to start a game with each other with a sudden death timer that would finish aprox. on the 25th of each month. so be that 14 days for each player. That way, maybe the games would go on quite nicely? :smiley: who knows :wink:

@ ZyBeX86 We don’t want correspondence games :D!

So… is this the KGS ASR on OGS or is this something else, merely CALLED the ASR, now on OGS?

It is neither the KGS ASR, nor is it called ASR. :smile: Although, it is inspired by the KGS ASR and works in much the same way, but with smaller groups.

It is called the Nova League:

Good decision on a different name. You should probably put that in the thread title or O.P. to avoid reactions like mine.

I just took the liberty to change the title :godmode:

OK, @Mikasa?

Greetz, Tom


Okay trohde :slight_smile: originally it was ASR xD when I made this post the name change only happened after for those who are still stuck on this post please go to The Go League Briefing that post :smile:

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