Number of rounds in tourney

Seems to almost always say 3 rounds in the tournaments, even when it is not the case.

This is particularly noticeable in the 9x9 double elimination which seems to be the most popular scheduled tournament currently (gets the most players). I have noticed that once the tournament starts, the number of rounds figure is corrected. Maybe it should be corrected as more players join before the start. Seems feasible.


For Elimination tournaments we probably should just not display the number of rounds as it will be highly variable… for swiss tournaments the actual number of rounds is computed when the tournament starts, we should probably just show an estimate instead of the baseline there.

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To calculate the number of rounds in a Double Elimination tournament from the number of participants (n), I believe this piece of code will work. Whether it is worth implementing just to correct one number, I don’t know.
There may be syntax errors. My C++ is a bit rusty. Anyway, you get the idea. Just trying to help.

int DoubleEliminationRounds (int n)
int Rounds, NoLossGroup, OneLossGroup, FirstLoss, Eliminated, TotalRemaining ;
TotalRemaining = n ; NoLossGroup = n ; OneLossGroup = 0 ;
FirstLoss = 0 ; Eliminated = 0 ; Rounds = 1 ;

while (TotalRemaining > 2)
FirstLoss = NoLossGroup /2 ; Eliminated = OneLossGroup / 2 ;
OneLossGroup = OneLossGroup -Eliminated + FirstLoss ;
NoLossGroup = NoLossGroup - FirstLoss ;
TotalRemaining = NoLossGroup + OneLossGroup ;
++Rounds ;
return (Rounds);

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