Numbers on moves not showing up in variations

When someone posts a variation in chat, and I hover my mouse on the variation link, the variation used to be shown on the board.

Now it only shows the final position after the variation; there are no numbers on the moves played, so it just shows a position with no explanation on how to reach this position.

use arrows?

I see numbers

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I just hovered a variation in chat and see the numbers too. Anything special that needs to happen to reproduce?

Maybe these tools were used?

Capture d'écran 2023-07-26 164430

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I haven’t seen this problem, but the other day I had a different problem with posting a variation in the Malkovich chat. It posted as a non-link, just showing as a dead name, “Variation L12.”

I couldn’t see any numbers for any variations in any of the EGC reviews this morning. I’ll try to find the links again and reproduce the issue. I’m using Firefox.

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Couldn’t reproduce the issue because I’ve got this other issue that’s even worse: when I hover over a Variation linked in the chat, the whole window starts trembling very fast. I’ve had that effect a lot of times in the past too. I assume it’s due to the chat area being restructured while showing the variation, which results with my mouse cursor not being considered hovering over the link anymore, which results in OGS no longer showing the Variation, which results in my mouse being considered hovering over the link again, etc, so OGS keeps switching between the Variation and the main game at a very high frequency.

I took a screencast of this horrible effect (can’t take a screenshot, everything is moving too fast).


Oof :sweat_smile:

This issue is being tracked here: Issue with chat variations in game reviews · Issue #1923 · online-go/ · GitHub


Here’s my variation of it, in a review (actually a relay that was still being “fed” by the owner of the review, so maybe that’s why the “sync” button begins to appear/disappear):


Also, maybe this should go in a thread of its own? (I can’t remember whether I posted that screen recording here :sweat:)

Oh, it’s the sync button!!

It’s always moving so fast, I never noticed what element exactly caused the window to move like that.

Maybe a quick fix could be to add a dummy invisible button the same size as the sync button when the sync button disappears?

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