Nutsu Fuego (Easy)

Hello everyone i am new to go
so i have tried a couple of games against the program Nutsu(Fuego) in easy mode ( easy???) in 9x9 board and i could use some advice on how to beat this little monster or maybe see a win from a decent player to figure things out myself.
I cant even understand any of its moves, it does not play in the corners and when i do get the corners it puts me under alot of pressure through the centre, i try to combat it there in other games but i probably do everything wrong and at some point my position is horrible

I posted four beginner YouTube videos in another thread, Is there a video series for terrible beginners? . The last two walk you through playing 9x9 against Igowin. I had lost my first four games against that app, but after watching those two videos, I won the next game. I don’t know whether Natsu Fuego is stronger than Igowin, but you still might pick up some pointers there.

I know what you mean about “easy.” Right now, I’m playing 13x13 against Fuego (Weak) with the Little Go app. The other settings are Strong and Extra Strong ( ! ). Since I am losing against the Weak setting, I will be watching this thread for other suggestions from more experienced players.

On a 9x9 board, the whole board is essentially one big corner. Only bigger boards really have sides and centers, strategically. :smile:

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I played against Igowin Tutor on my iPhone and must say that Fuego is stronger.

Funny thing, last three times when I tried to play Fuego the program stopped making moves and I won by timeout.

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Nutsu Fuego always abandons me, guess I am just that awful :joy: