OAuth2 authentication

I am trying to write a little OGS Notifier for the GNOME3 desktop environment. I try to authenticate to the site following the documentation on https://ogs.docs.apiary.io/#reference/authentication/request-a-user-token. Unfortunately, I am not successful in accessing the OAuth2 user token when providing my client-id and client-secret. Although my original code is in GJS, this simple wget line demonstrates the issue:

$ wget --post-data=‘client_id=ScRamblEdcLiEnTiD&client_secret=sCraMBLedCliENtsEcReT’ https://online-go.com/oauth2/access_token
–2019-10-01 11:28:18-- https://online-go.com/oauth2/access_token
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2019-10-01 11:28:18 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Am I doing something wrong in the request or is the documentation not up to date any longer? What is the recommended way for an application to authenticate against OGS?

Thanks! harold

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I don’t think it’s a great deal in this case, but don’t post anything that has secret in its name anywhere :wink:
Best to XXX all credentials you are using next time. The values aren’t the problem in most cases anyways.

This should work:

You have to add the user credentials.


Sorry, can’t resist:

Click here


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Thank you for the quick answer, flovo! I will follow the recipe that you provide. I did not expect to need the user credentials (username, password) along with the client credentials (id, secret), though. Always learn something new.
Btw. If you look at the client_secret I posted, you will see that I had XXX’ed it, just in a slightly more subtle way :slight_smile:


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