Observe-games filter works terribly wrong


when nothing is filtered out, it works correct:

BUT, if you filter out “other” size, completely different result appears, refresh doesn’t help

this bug creates illusion that there are no dans on OGS - those who use filters may become to have completely different opinion of OGS
when you uncheck 9x9 or 13x13 or Handicap or Bot, result is similarly strange

I had guess that sort is the problem, but I just looked at every page and some games not here.


I agree this is completely broken, and it’s been a while… I had already noticed it previously when trying to find pro games :


New bug: I turned on rengo filter, turrned it off and now ranks disappeared.
I can’t return ranks information.

and old bugs still here

Thanks, that old bug is noted, and I added the “rank” thing to the list of Rengo bugs.

Since’t it’s broken previously working, it’s right at the top to be fixed!