Observe Games page overhaul

A switch including an intermediate position would.

My guess, games not being played in a tournament ?


I used to watch a lot of games, and I always did it on IGS instead of here because no sorting was available here. Good to see this being fixed.

The two most important options are still not present here imo.

When watching games to learn, I always found it important to target a rank range.
When watching games for entertainment, I looked for spectator count.

IMO both critical for finding a game to watch, perhaps could be implemented with some sort of sorting function rather then just filters.


Games are already sorted by rank, spectator count is a planned feature but more involved than it would first appear, it will be a part of a larger future update.

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If it were changed to a switch you couldn’t see both ranked and unranked at the same time, just one or the other.

I think it is natural that if you apply too many filters to a list you risk not finding any matches, kind of like adding too many terms to a search engine.
The logical conclusion is to turn some of the filters off or wait for new games to be created.

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Not if filters are applied e.g. no bot games.


right… my b, I forgot that… that is an odd one… guessing that’s a bug that needs fixing rather than a design choice that needs discussing though?

My first attempt to use those filters was a mess.
I started fiddling around to see what would happen and ended with no games at all. :grin:
Then I selected all of them (thinking of bringing them to their original state) and ended with… no games still! :scream:
I had both “live” and “only friends” active and apparently my friends only play correspondence.

My phone has small screen and I need new stronger glasses: it took me some time to notice that “only friends” button that was excluding all games.

Now I have explored that interface thoroughly and I am able to get what I want. I’m ok with that, but still think that it’s far from perfect and quite counterintuitive.

Also I must remember to switch back on ranking when I want to watch games, since it’s a quite useful piece of information in that case. :grin:

That’s a good point… all other options function as check the box to add these games, uncheck to remove them…

but the friends one is the only box where you check it and it removes games…

…maybe we can reword it so that the functionality flips? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Miss a “reset to default” button?


that could be an easy fix too…

On my mobile it’s really overloaded. When I go to the chat it opens the keyboard each time (like 2 /5 covering the screen) and with this filter tab more the chat almost disappear

  1. keyboard is hideable, also probably shrinkable…
  2. observe options are hideable by clicking the flag with a 4 next to it
  3. the whole games section is hideable by clicking the icon next to “English”

I only scanned the last few comments diagonally, so forgive me if I missed something.

Re: @Lys’ complaints:

Part of this could be repaired if Ranked/Unranked and Handicap/Even were pairs of radio buttons (instead of checkboxes that allow multiple checking): clicking one :radio_button: toggles the other off.

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But then you could only see one or the other, not both.


Oh… ah… yes :frowning:


Ah, then … a third radio button on top for “both” :slight_smile:

:radio_button: Ranked & Unranked
:black_circle: Ranked only
:black_circle: Unranked only

:black_circle: Both Even and Handicap
:radio_button: Even only
:black_circle: Handicap only


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Other sizes
9x9 and 13x13
9x9 and 19x19
13x13 and 19x19
9x9 and 13x13 and 19x19
… and Other sizes

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How is this easier than simply having an on off button for each option? Just seems like a gross waste of space to me

@BHydden, I didn’t say it’s “easier”, I just think it’s more logical—and can save a few on/off clicks :slight_smile:

And @flovo, I don’t think my suggestion should be applied to anything else than ranked/unranked and even/handicap.

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Looks like the ordering when filtered is still borky.

I really like the filters, but I wanted to suggest something that also sorts by the number of observers. I generally like to kibitiz games that are early (taken care of by the beginning filter), between humans (taken care of by the bot filter) and, ideally, with as many other observers as possible to increase the chance of interesting discussion. This would also make it easy to find special games, like pro games and streamer games, when there’s no banner.

It might be easier to add an indicator of the number of observers somewhere, since there are likely to be only a few games with any observers.