Off-topic category

I wanted to know if there’s going to be an off-topic category on the forum. Given the fact that it’s the most common thing on every forum, maybe you guys have a certain reason why you don’t want to create this category; is this so?
I went to General chat and it says that it’s for things not directly related to Go, but it seems they have to be related in some way, given this General chat description.
I think this category is important cause it gives the comunity the chance to bond and discuss things outside Go.
Thanks a lot for reading!

OGS exists for people to play go… :wink: I think that if there are some topics not related to go (i guess you won’t find many of them here), General chat is good enough to post them there, no need for another category… Maybe the description just needs to be changed (for example: “… and for topics that are not related to go…”). :smile:

You can use General chat for things not directly related to Go just don’t delve too far into topics that might offend or stir up a ruckus. Best to stay away from religion and politics… those kinds of things will get removed.


I wasn’t thinking about that at all. But I also noticed that every topic on general chat is about Go (that, plus the description I linked). Well, that would be it, thanks