Off-Topic xkcd etc. fun split from “building a Go Board”


giggles I can’t find the png vs jpg one right now… so this will have to do.

Building a Go Board



It’s not official xkcd but is this what you were looking for?



There’s an additional joke if you look at this comic on the original webpage :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vsotvep you mean this one? :smiley:


No, I mean the image itself


But they’re the exact same image… the one smurph posted is the stand alone image hosted by the same site… literally the only thing different is the mouse-over text???

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They’re not though, put them next to each other and you’ll notice.

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Spot the difference?

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Hmmm, I see this though:

Wouldn’t be surprised if the version of the comic on xkcd is dependent on other factors unknown to us, which makes you see a different image than I see.


how very strange… my first thought would be buffering and the HD image just hasn’t loaded yet… but, we’ve been talking too long for that to be the case (surely!)

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I see the same blurry image as @Vsotvep does, and given the watermark and the 9gag logo, I find it is a wonderfully meta joke that also refers to how often xkcd’s stuff is stolen w/o giving credits (and w/o the awesome mouseover texts).

(linked, not a screenshot)

Should split the thread so that @Mr.GoBoard’s thread is not filled up with off-topic?


On a more serious note, I listened to an interview with a librarian (I think from the Smithsonian) who talked about the digital wasteland of the last 25 years of the 20th century because of obsolescence.

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Thank you for splitting it, @trohde. I honestly enjoyed the humor though and I am by no means irritated. I am used to having anything related to software being all mixed up, and I believe that if the main topic is one small scroll stroke away, then there is no need to get worried. I just care that my topic is there, and not necessarily how or where.

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Have a link, pls?


It was too long ago that I heard it. The Wikipedia article has references you might be interested in though.

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Why are all the quote marks replaces with gibberish? Was that deliberate?


It’s part of the joke… the data became “corrupted”…