Offer: 1 on 1 Skype / FaceTime Lesson for Beginners (15k-25k)

Hi everyone,

Would any new-ish players be interested in a 1 on 1 lesson over Skype or FaceTime from an OGS 8k? I could do:

  • Complete Introduction to Go
  • Introduction to Bigger Boards / 19x19
  • Standard Teaching Games

*Any other specific topics - just let me know

Teaching games on this site are great, but I want to see if talking directly with someone makes learning/teaching easier. We could even do a phone call instead if your computer can’t video-chat and play on OGS at the same time.

I could probably do a few this weekend or next - post in this forum if you’re interested and I’ll contact you to schedule something. Keep in mind - I only speak English (sorry) and I live in America, so time zones might be tricky. Depending on the interest, I may not be able to get to everyone, but I’ll try!


Would love a teaching game! I am gmt+1 but any time during the day is fine for me on weekends so it shouldn’t be a problem

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Even though my English is pretty bad and I’m a bit out of desirable range, I like this idea.

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I would love to do this. Let me know what time zone you are in and your available times. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

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This is great offer! I would like to have such a live teaching games! I’m from Sumy, Ukraine and have desperated to find somebody around my city even for a normal game with stones on goban! Just books, Internet and Many Faces of Go… But I feel all of that is’nt enough without live teacher. How can I reconcile a few games with You thru Skype?

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I’m definitely interested. Your evening/my morning on weekends would work for me if it would work for you. (I’m at GMT+9:30)

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I’ll try and get to everyone who’s posted so far! Look for a message from me to schedule times

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Teaching game and subsequent review with Swabby was pretty low key fun and quite educative. He gives just enough so you learn but does not overwhelm with thousands of variations like guys in my go club AFK sometimes do. All in all evening well spend. Thank you once more!

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Not a problem! Glad I was helpful.

Just starting doing these kinds of lessons so hopefully I’ll continue to improve.

Your time is valuable, swabby8. I’m interested, too. How much do you charge? Do you accept payment by Paypal? And, are you able to review an OGS completed game by one of your students via Facetime? Or can you not “see” older completed games unless you were one of the players?

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DDK Venezuelian

Hello! I love that you like the game so much as to tutor other people over the internet. Personally, there’s no way that I could take on your offer myself because of, you know, my country’s regulations with currencies and stuff; but I just wanted to show you my regards and hope that I can afford to get tutored by someone like you some day.

Best wishes!

@Swabby8 Are you still offering skype lessons? I am a 19k, previously a 12k but I haven’t played in a year.

Hi. I would love a Skype teaching game. I’ve been playing about a month and lately hovering around 19k. I’ve only been playing 9x9 but want to start 13x13 or 19x19. I’m EST time zone. Most nights are good for me or weekends. If you can help I’d appreciate it very much!

I would absolutely love a teaching game or two, depending on the prices I’ll jump right on that!