Offering Game Reviews by Professional Player

I am a professional 3 dan player.
I am willing to review some games.
It is good to know other passionate players.
Please just drop your games and skype account below
and we may have audio review together.


TomiP1234.sgf (5.9 KB)

White EGF 2d, Black EGF 1k (me)
There was reverse komi 19,5 for black, but I think it doesn’t matter that much. I lost the game anyway.

The opening fight is not dealed very well. Do you mind if we review with audio in discord?

I’m playing a game right now, but after it’s over I’d gladly review it with you :slight_smile:

Great! good luck with your game

23793273-140-TomiP-snakesss.sgf (14.6 KB)

Hi, we just played this game - partly to get a review from you. Thanks for the generous offer!

Thank you very much for the review, Siang! I didn’t think I’d understand anything from a pro review but that was not the case, you were very reviewee-friendly.