Offering live teaching game for [15k-7k] and requesting teaching game from [1k-3d]

Hello OGSers!

I’m offering LIVE teaching game (game and then review) for 15k up to 7k. And requesting a likewise game from someone about 1k up. More contribution to Learn go week movement I hope :smile:

More detail:

  • The offer last until the end of September. I will be very, very busy in October so please help me go all out with Go this month!

  • I can only play live game, think time should be at least 30-40 minutes each to ensure game quality (so we have something worth reviewing).

  • The teaching/learning games are “sold” in bundle :stuck_out_tongue: Meaning I will only accept a teaching offer if someone’s also asking me for a teaching game and vice versa. The amount of pair is not really limited though, as much as humanly possible :wink:

  • While it is possible for me to give teaching game to weaker players, I feel that the players in my described range would benefit most from the review. This is from my personal experience. I won’t decline your request if you’re a little stronger or weaker though.

  • Likewise I think I can see vaguely what I’m lacking to get stronger now, but I really need people relatively stronger than me to share their thought so I can shape my next step. I think someone 6d-7d would probably see too many faults in my game for me to grasp. But if you had experience with problem people at my rank usually face then I’m all ears! :smiley:

Please reply here and we can arrange a game (maybe just give me a time appointment straightaway?)
I can play almost anytime, but after 20:00 UTC is a little hard… that is 1AM where I live (zzZZ)

Come one, come all! First come, first serve! :smile:


HEY, I would like to take you up on your offer and attempt to improve my Go skills with your help:)

P.S my OGS account is called ‘Bis’ - it isn’t this account

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Welcome Bis :smile:

I see you play mostly 13x13 and 9x9. So do you want our game to be on 13x13 too or 19x19?

Hey:) HMM, i don’t really play 9x9 boards any more so 13x13 would be best

Hey there! I’m 1d and I can give a teaching game. (Can you do correspondence?)


Urg normally I can but I’ll be very busy in October. Could a correspondence game end before then? :blush:

Certainly. I’m often online from about 17:00-22:00 and 4:00-6:00 UTC and I’ll play moves as fast as you send them.

@mark5000 That’s great to hear :smile: !
Could you send me a challenge then? I don’t have much experience with correspondence game time setting.

And @bisade97 maybe we can arrange a time for our game as well? :smile: