Offering Private Lessons and Game Reviews

Hey everyone! I am offering weekly private lessons for $15/hour and game reviews for $3.99 a game. %20 of all proceeds will be donated to support OGS!

Private lessons will be held on OGS at a specified time we arrange and we will talk over Skype or Google+. (Whichever you prefer.) The private lessons will go over two (on average) of your games in depth and we will figure out what you need to work on to improve each week.

Game reviews are simple, you submit the game and I leave comments in the game and let you know when I did. This is good for those looking for quick tips on what they did right and wrong.

All payments are through Paypal. Please message me on here, OGS, or e-mail me at Also please specify if you e-mailed that this OGS post brought you so %20 of our proceeds gets donated to OGS.

Happy Go games!