Offering reviews for players fluent in Japanese or French

Hello everyone,

I wish to offer reviews of Go games in exchange for Japanese or French lessons.
If you are interested, please read the rest of this post carefully in order to understand how things should work out.

Prerequisites for having your game reviewed

  • You must be fluent in either Japanese or French and know the language well enough to teach it. Being a native speaker is ideal but not required.
  • Your rank should be at least 4 stones lower than mine. Currently I am a 1k, so your rank should be at most 5k. If I improve, the same difference in stones apply so, for instance, if I get promoted to 1d, your rank will be able to be at most 4k.
  • Your rank must not be provisional.
  • Your opponent must be of strictly higher rank than you but his/her rank must be at most mine.
  • You should either have lost the game by resignation or won by at most 6 points with komi included. Losses by time are not accepted.
  • Your game must be recent, at most a month in age.
  • Your game must have been played on OGS.
  • Most important of all, your game should be of high quality. You should invest in it, or the review is meaningless. Your time setting should be Japanese with at least 30 minutes main time and at least 5 byoyomis of at least 1 minute each.

How the review process will work out

  • If you like, you may make a review of your own game with your questions and doubts (in English).
  • Following the posting rules below, you should post the link to the game or review in this thread.
  • I will perform your review in at most 2 weeks. The review will be partly in English and partly in your language of expertise (Japanese or French). The review will then be sent to you. I will stop the review once the amount of mistakes made is big enough or the game ceases being interesting. In particular, you may not have all your questions answered. Note, however, that the less I review of your game the less you review of my language use and hence this is an even exchange.
  • Once you receive your review, reply my message to indicate that.
  • From the moment you receive your review, you have 2 weeks to send me a review of my use of your language of expertise. This review should be a plain text file which you should upload and send me the link. The encoding of the file should be UTF-8, not a local encoding for Japanese or French. For each sentence in my review of your game written in English or written incorrectly in your language of expertise, this file should contain:
    • The incorrect sentence or the sentence in English.
    • A proper way to write the sentence in your language.
    • If my original sentence was in English, a description (in English) of the grammar used in the sentence in your language.
    • If my original sentence in your language had a mistake, an explanation (in English) of the mistake and the correction, unless it is (really, really) evident.

Posting rules

  • The posting in this thread assumes politeness from all users. If an asshole or troll starts polluting or disturbing the thread, it will end.
  • The most important rule is: do not post to this thread unless the last comment on it is from me. The reason for this is that keeping a queue of reviews to do is counter-productive: as your game ages in the queue you are getting better and the review is each second less valuable. If I am busy with a review, just watch the thread until I post I am free again.
  • I will post a message each time I finish a review and am thus free to begin another.
  • Do not post questions about this thread or off-topic comments.
  • Your post should contain precisely the following:
    • Your language of expertise.
    • An idea of how fluent you are. This is analogous to you knowing my rank so you can choose how much of what I say you trust. This is to give me an idea of how much I can trust your review of my use of your language.
    • The link to your game or your review with comments. This must be a link within the OGS domain.
    • An optional short paragraph giving me advice on where I should focus on your review.

Thanks very much and I hope we can make an even and mutually beneficial deal.


A pity I have almost the same level than you, it sounds great. Hope you’ll find people to teach to ! :slight_smile:

Maybe you could post this in Forum GO.ON

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Thanks for the link.
I hope I will find people too. :smile:

Hello komoku0,

This is an interesting offer. Could you review my game here:
I never felt in control of the game, this may be normal since my opponent was 5k higher than me. I’ve been stuck between 12k and 14k for the last 7 months and I would be interested in have some advices to improve my level.
I’m a native French speaker, although I’m French-Canadian so I don’t have the same accent as French from France but we do write the same.
I recently registered on iTalki ( to learn Japanese, are you on iTalki too ?

Best regards,

David Rolland (rold2007)

Here is your review: .

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Thanks for the fast job ! I should have some time to look at it this week-end.

You are welcome. It is not urgent, so please take your time.

You should tell us your own level of Japanese or French so that we can decide more easily if we can offer you something.

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Of course! I forgot (how rude), so thank you for mentioning.

My level of Japanese is hard to tell, as I learned most of it alone. I know all kanas and some kanjis. I have a good grasp on basic grammar and feel comfortable enough to make an understandable game review.

Also, I am a beginner French user (1 semester of class), but my first language is Portuguese, which is, in many ways, similar.

The correction file is available here. Let me know if you have any issue. Thanks for your review !

Thank you for your corrections!
I made many mistakes the teacher already had covered in class and am sorry for that.
I guess I did not absorb the classes properly.
Your corrections, especially in regard to the use of “dans”, the use of the future tense and the influence of genders on the adjectives was very enlightening.

Feel free to ask for another review. This time, before writing the review, I will be sure to revise your corrections and diminish the amount of mistakes.

Thanks again.

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Hello komoku0,

Are you still keen on writing another review in French ?
I just finished this game for which I would appreciate a review:
I already know that I made two mistakes in a row at moves 184 and 188 but I’m wondering if I would have had some chances of winning without these errors.



Sure. This time it will take some days, though.

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Here is your review:

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The new correction is available here. Thanks again !

The link to the first correction (August 17th) isn’t valid anymore so here it is again in case someone is interested.

Thank you for the corrections. They were pretty insightful.

Also, sorry for the use of the word “stupide”. Actually I was going to say “looks stupid” rather than stupid, but I did not know how. Furthermore, in Portuguese (and in English, I guess) the word is not offensive so long as you only use it to qualify something inanimate. I think it is because we have much stronger words (imbecil).

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