Offering teaching game to 10 kyu or lower

CST 7pm onwards on weekdays, weekends possible but depends on the exact time. I would do both live and correspondence.

Only caveat is that I learnt in mandarin chinese, so I’m not familiar with some of the English terms, apologies in advance if they get those wrong x.x

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Hi man, im looking for the exact thing you seem to be offering. If you dont mind me asking how strong are you?

Id love to take you up on this offer though

3-5k on OGS. I was amateur shodan in Singapore, but that was more than a decade ago and I only recently picked up the game again.

sounds great to me. If you’ve got time to do teaching games id appreciate it. I’ve been looking to have some more focused learning recently.

Cool, would be great if you have a couple of games to send me first.

sure can do, how do you want me to send them?