Offering teaching game to 20 kyu or lower

i am a ±15k player. my knowledge is quite limited but i guess i could still give some tips to people just starting to play.
I could play correspondence and live games. I am in Central European Time zone



Hello! I also live in Europe and would benefit greatly from teaching games :smiley: Thank you so much for your generous offer! if you are still offering teaching games please let me know when would work the best for you.
thanks again

yes, i am still offering some teaching games, i will send you a correspondence game!

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Hello! I would love to learn Go from you! I know some basic rules, but each match is a massacre for me :frowning: I live in Europe too. Please let me know if you accept my plea :smiley: Thank you


If correspondence is ok, feel free to challenge me.

Hello. Im not exactly sure how this forum works but i made a account. I am stuck at 21/22 k. If anyone would be so kind as to teach me i would appreciate it. Im in eastern standard time or utc -5 i think. Correspondence is ideal.

@ChrisWaiter I’ve sent you a challenge


Thank you

i will send you a correspondence game!

Your time and help would be very precious to me. I am a real beginner, up to speed with rules though.
Many thanks mate !

me too

Hi, are you still offering teaching games? I’m looking for a correspondence teaching game on either 13x13 or 19x19

I was 14k before the update, now 11k, also available for teaching games for people around 25k-20k, just send me a challenge!

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sorry for late answer, yes, we can play a correspondence game


Would you be interested in playing a set of live games about once every week or two just for practice?

i can play live beginning of this week.
when is it best for you?

could you give me some tips

Yes, shall we play a teaching game?

Your profile says

“I am stronger than you think, I think I am about 10k. Go Basics

Maybe is you the one that gives me some tips, :wink:

I send you a game