Offering Teaching games to Kyu players

So I am offering 3 teaching games to kyu players. Condition are, you must be patient with me since this is my first time teaching on this server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know why wants to play. (And how do I give you the teaching game lol)



i would like a teaching game please! (teaching game hana chuseyo?)

Sure! Teaching game “Hana Juseyo” If you are speaking Korean. Lol

ㅊ=Ch ㅈ=J Please give me uses the “ㅈ.”

Hi, I’d love a teaching game! :smile:

By “how do I give you the teaching game” are you asking how to set it up? If that’s the case, then just go back to the main OGS site and do a player search for the person’s name. Then you click on the name and go to their player profile. Once there, you will see a “Challenge to a Match” button and clicking it will bring up a window where you can mess with all the settings (e.g. komi, handicap, ranked/unranked, time controls etc.)

Also, do you want to do your games as correspondence games or would you prefer to do them live?

Hey Clossius,

I think I’ve seen one of your YouTube videos when I was new to the game of Go some time ago.

So I’d like to speak out a heartily welcome to OGS, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. :smiley:

Also, thanks for the Teaching Games!


You can also click “New Game” on the left-side menu, click on the top left icon on the pop-up (a globe just to the left of “Open Challenge”), select “Challenge User”, then enter their name and the settings you want to use.

Hi Clossius!
Seems to be one spot left? i would be very grateful for a teaching-game!!

Since i am the beneficiary i will adapt to you. when is good for you?

Great to see you here Clossius. Good luck in your studies in Korea!

I would love a teaching game.
I’m currently 14k on the new ranking, and feel that i have hard time passing the 14/13k barrier.

I’d like to play