Offering Teaching Games

hey guys I’m currently 9d on Tygem/OGS

I offer teaching games PM me if you’re interested.

$10 per game, if you don’t want to play then I can help you with your Go for an hour (review or analyze etc)

Target student : all level welcome

Available time: very flexible

Hello :slight_smile:

Are you offering free games and donators are welcome ?
Or are you offering paid games by the mean of donations of free amount ?



I can testify that krnzmb is pretty decent. If you’re a kyu player, he might change your perspective in looking at the game.

I don’t know what the difference is but uh…

close to 2nd one maybe…

I think the question is if you were giving free games but giving preference to donators or it was a donator only policy

Yes :slight_smile: Well understood :smiley: Whether the donation is mandatory or not :slight_smile: