Offering to turn on vacation when pausing a game

If a player tries to pause a correspondence game with significant vacation time left, it might be useful to offer them to turn on vacation instead, maybe with a short description of what it does. Rarely, but still happens that a player doesn’t know about vacation and uses pause instead. In this case we will be explaining OGS functionality right when user needs it (when they wanna suspend their game) and where user needs it (in website interface instead of somewhere).


Important technical detail: pause should still activate, and then the info should be displayed… info should not cancel or delay the action of initiating a game pause in any way, and there should also be a check box to opt-out of receiving the message in the future.


Pause can be activate but then deactivate if player chose vacation (not to be frustrated to have lost 1 on the 5 counter).

Check box: bit of gaz factory but ok. In my opinion, pause is not a feature used very often so doesn’t really need to be opt out by configuration

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My guess is they are in a fast correspondence tournament and can’t use vacation.

Well of course if vacation not allowed, no message.

Not someone in particular, someone who uses pause instead of vacation.

Make me think we could have the reverse too, a message when going on vacation that you could pause your games to spare vacation time. Would just be tricky because pause can be canceled at any time by the opponents.

The premise in the OP is:

You can’t know if another person knows or doesn’t know about vacation.

Right, but the OP says: maybe someone is using pause because doesn’t know about vacation, shall we let them know about it?

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The less people that know about vacation the better :smiling_imp:

Completely joking, I think this is a nice idea (even though my games go on forever due to those darn vacationers)

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Play live :slight_smile: vacation doesn’t affect live games.

That’s the point of corr :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an opponent that looks like they’ve just paused a lot of their games (presumably manually) as I think vacation normally shows up that their on vacation.

It does make you wonder if they know about the feature.

Ask them :woman_shrugging:

It’s not really bothering me, it just reminded me about this post and that it’s probably a good idea is all.

Sounds like a good idea until you find out you don’t speak the same language or something :slight_smile:

Or are they in some fast tourneys and so can’t use vacation but need a break and so are left with the only option of pausing all non-fast tourney games?

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Like the fast correspondence tournaments group?

It sounds like if you can’t use vacation and you need a break then you’re gonna time out of the Fast Correspondence games. Which means you don’t really need to pause the other games, you can just use vacation again :slight_smile:

You can look it up, it doesn’t appear that they’re playing fast correspondence.

(And fast corr players are like 50 people who know all too well about vacation.)

Anyway, are you gonna ask, or should I?

I don’t think anyone needs to ask anything. In my instance it’s just a ladder game, not really important or holding anyone up.

I can always wait a couple of days or if I really wanted to just unpause it.

I was just saying that your original idea

seemed like a good idea, whether it does or doesn’t apply in my case.

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