Official bots (GNU Go?)

It would be useful to have here a few bots of various levels that could always play a game. When I can’t find anyone to play a game with, I check whether the bot Billy is online and play with it, but that bot is 15k and is far beyond my level.

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Hi ankh, maybe you know, there are other bots in the Bots group if you can find them online sometimes. They are too strong for me too, normally, but fortunately they don’t mind giving handicap stones. :smile:

“Random Bot” is 30kyu and plays crazy random moves.

Hopefully someone will reply who knows more, but I hope this helps at all.

We’ve got official bots! Click new game, drop down to computer, and you’ll see the list :smile:
See this post for where to look:

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Indeed. I didn’t notice that small button in the upper left corner :slight_smile: Thanks.

As far as these bots are always online, we’re good. And actually Billy (15k) isn’t far beyond my level: on 13x13 board I have beaten him twice already despite he got a 5.5 komi - and even Maybe I’ve just learned his style or maybe I’ve really raised my level after many games with Billy.

Billy, Nanny, and Natsu should be pretty stable, if that is not the case please let me know. I am working on Jiffy now. He is a resource hog and wasn’t playing nicely with the others.