Offline OGS Tournament

a. will never happen
b. good idea. meet real people, play using laptop.
c. bring me the sponsorship
d. what?

  • will never happen
  • good idea. meet real people, play using laptop.
  • bring me the sponsorship
  • what?
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Laptop : stupid idea.

It would be easier to count, record and review.


On your own maybe. After the game with you opponent I disagree, much easier by voice with stones.

But you’ll get AI advice if you review on OGS (or with katrain)!

But I’m sure you’re right that it’s a different and more pleasant vibe to play (and review) over the board. I’ve done so little real life go.


Since internet came, gradually we have now many players who never or very seldomly played wirh a board and stones. Before IRL players were playing online to enlarge the availability of games although most would still prefer the classsic way. No need to wait for the weekly or biweekly meeting. Tournaments were the rare pinacle to meet more players, time of huge fun and late night games. And i would bet that noone would imagine to switch a board to a laptop.

When you are deeply involved in a long time setting game of a tournament, it will create the easyness to replay it after when reviewing. You ll get through some problematic and choices you had to take and will wait the game to end to discuss it. Ofc on laptop you don’t worry to remember but the difference isn’t that big unless you want to focuse on the endgame.

Now you have a good point about AI. Especially for high ranked. I am not alone to think that AI is much less useful for not high ranked because too esoteric and out of reach without some complementary guidance. For them a good discussion after the game could be much more rewarding in view of progress as a rough katago. (Both may still exist besides ofc)

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It can happen to play in person on a phone app, when a go board isn’t available, for instance while waiting in a restaurant. However the feeling of the board and stones is so much more pleasant than the screen that I use them whenever possible. Sometimes my partner records the game on his phone, in that case I ask him to send me the sgf and we can study it at home. But discussing the game with your partner, reviewing what sequences we had in mind and checking together sequences we weren’t sure about is at least as interesting as watching the AI review.


Between the over 1041 players (more coming) with board and stones at the EGC this summer, I’m sure you’ll find enough there playing on OGS too. :heart_eyes:


During the 2023 EGC in Leipzig (Germany), four of us OGS-ers met and played a rengo game in a beach bar near the tournament site, and we had dinner in a Cuban restaurant. That was quite nice.


now time to dream big

from four to 100.
from a small beach bar to a hotel.

“OGS first offline tournament + meetup 2025 in Bali”
Guest star:
-nick sibicky
-Go Pro Yeonwoo
-baduk Doctor


You might be joking, but did you see that photo of Takemiya Masaki in Madrid? :slight_smile:



We were 5 actually and played a 2 against 3 rengo. Finding out who was next to move was the biggest intellectual challenge. So hopefully this year an even number of OGSers will meet!


Ah yes, you’re right!

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make this happen! :heart_eyes: