OGC September Tournament (with prizes)

We are going to be running a monthly tournament starting September 2020 for the OGC group. This tournament will be a friendly competition to encourage active play and new friendships/rivalries.

Prizes will be sponsored by Clossius. There will be private lesson rewards for each division and for the Dan division Clossius will be hiring a pro for a private lesson.

For any questions, please see the discord https://discord.gg/013kxRiaFJ9H5RTIe


I hope, the private lesson rewards will go to those players who lose the most games. :wink:


The combination of friendly, encourage & rivalries strikes me as odd, if not undesirable.


Should I give it a shoutout in our go house(group)?MAYBE we can do a group collab or something, I have to ask haze first.

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No don’t bother, forgot to add the smiley. :smiley_cat:

That would be cool. Message me on OGS if he’s interested.

Actually I am tagging haze right now @Haze_with_a_Z are you interested to do a group collab?Also just pm him I am like the do owner of the group and you are the owner.I am just going to tell them to join that group later when haze gets things sorted

I’m kinda confused about what doing a group collab entails, but why not? I’m good with it.

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