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When logging into this forum, how do I enter my credentials?

On my mobile phone, lately I am unable to log into OGF with my normal account (on my computer no problem). At some point it switched to this account, which I didn’t register. And now it saved the credentials, and I don’t know how to switch back.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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I would suggest clearing cookies and logging into ogs on your mobile and then going to the forum. I think the log in is picked up automatically somehow (I’m no expert on these things I’m afraid.)

@GreenAsJade is this something to do with challenge links?

I wonder if you used a challenge link on your mobile and that is remembered in cookies or something?


I don’t think its related to challenge links - the underlying login is the same.

@Gia that moment when your TLA takes wings :wink:


Hm I deleted my browser history, but it did not fix the problem.

I feel frustrated, because I’m used to being able to log in with (username / email) + password. But on mobile the program always automatically logs me in with this profile.

Did you do the following?

  • log out from the forum
  • log out from OGS
  • log in on OGS with yout normal account
  • log in on the forum?

I would add “delete browser cookies” in the middle too

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Logged out from OGS,
then logged out from OGF,
then I went to my browser settings and deleted data from all websites (safari on android),
then logged in on OGS with my normal account,
then logged in on OGF.

Curiously I am and always was logged in on OGS with my normal account. I can’t remember logging in on OGS with this account.

Result from above experiment: I got an email that my time is running out in an ongoing game of my main account. I clicked the link and was directed to the game site, but logged in with this user.

Fortunately on OGS I can log out and log back in without automatic login :+1:

But even so I am unhappy that I can’t access the forums on mobile anymore on my main account.

I suspect that discord stores data about sessions, divice tokens etc. Would the deletion (or invalidation) of this account, with all associated data, be possible, and would it solve the problem?

Bump @moderators

@anoek anything you can check on the back end? Seems OP has tried everything I can think of to suggest fixing this issue

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On mobile devices there’s no universal browser storage system, it’s all siloed, so can you try clicking on the “online-go.com” link on the forums above (or this link right here) and logging out/in there, then logging in on the forums?


Isn’t that what was already done, and didn’t work?


It’s possible it is, however it’s very possible it’s not. For instance on my phone if I click on a forums link from a push notification, it opens some weird instance which is independent from if I open it via clicking the browser icon, so that’s why I was saying, from wherever they are having trouble - click the ogs link from within that context and logout/login, just to make sure we’re in the right context.