OGS 1-5kyu play a practice match

I am looking for a teacher who will be able to lead a few guys with me in the first of which will find my main mistakes and help me solve them.

Sorry but i am not sure i understand what are you searching.
A collective (for a group of players) teaching by a 1 to 5k teacher?
Is it a group of friends, with what levels?

I do game reviews as long as they are played on OGS for video content on my Youtube site. I don’t really know what you are asking for though.

no, I’m looking for a teacher from 1 to 5k for several joint games after the first of them, I want the teacher to identify my main mistakes and help solve them

You said “a few guys” and “joint games”. Do you mean you play rengo games and you want a teacher to review your moves in those?

Possibly was meant to be

to lead a few games with me

edit: I suppose lead could also be play, depending on some kind of auto correct or suggestion system.

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If language is a significant barrier, reviewing/coaching in English could be difficult.
Perhaps you can also ask for teaching games in a chat group (on the main site) that uses your native language.

the translator does not always build a sentence that is understandable to you