OGS at the US Go Congress


Howdy folks, @anoek and I are here at the US Go Congress in Boston through Saturday. If anyone is interested in meeting up with us to ask questions or just hang out let us know.



It’s true! I have photographic proof:

Playing Go IRL pictures

I’m the girl that checked you guys in if you arrived on Saturday.! I should be there in 30’. Let’s hang out!


I’m going to be in Boston for work literally the day after the congress ends. Happy to have a game with anyone who’s still around!


I’m amazed by them agreeing to play a game on a physical board.


Must be that HoloLens thing.


even stranger, they apparently went and sought it out on their own…


For the novelty, maybe?


I think @anoek won by a single point :anguished:


Does that mean you’ve stepped up your game, @matburt?


He’s just terrible over the board.