OGS Automatch proposal

FYI automatch is coming, it’s one of the first things we’ll be working on after we complete our current infrastructure changes and architecture updates


If you don’t mind, please share your scripts :slight_smile:

Here you go! Cleaned it up a little but it’s still pretty wonky. I can explain it a little if you like, or just install it in GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey/etc., and take a look at the config section at the top.

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Curious, have there been any progress updates on this?

As for the script, you can get your rating from window.profile.rating, so you don’t have to hard code rank.

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Thank you @KurtCobain, I updated the gist!

Now that @anoek is full time on OGS, we expect this to come up soon.


I think the seek graph and list of open challenges makes OGS more similar to traditional Chess servers than Go servers. Considering how difficult it is to find a game on many Go servers, I don’t think OGS should be trying to emulate them.

The seek graph is a perfect format for anyone looking for fine tuning time controls. If you want to negotiate at all, why bother? Just create an open challenge at the time controls of your choosing.

An auto match feature should be as simple as possible, with maybe four or five time controls to choose from. Click, then play. Simple.

If you want something more complicated, create an open challenge. Click, click, click, then play. Simple.

The proposed solution involving negotiation will in most cases delay the start of a game. Click, negotiate, negotiate, then play. Complicated.

Let’s not get complicated!


Yeah, totally! I suggested just 3 time controls (10m+5x30s for live, 1m+3x10s for blitz and 3d+1d max 3d for correspondence), so you only choose between live, blitz and corr. when setting yourself for automatch.

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Ceterum censeo 3d max is too small to be a good default for correspondence games, as discussed to death numerous times in these forums. Although of course correspondence players are not the primary users of the automatch feature. Tournaments for the win (as well as for the loss)!


Yeah, that may be true. :blush: In fact I don’t remember if I suggested 3d or 5d now. :sweat_smile:

Well, if there really should be a restriction like this, I won’t be using automatch. There should definitely be a stepper/slider or something for all time settings so that one could really make it so that it fits their likes.

I don’t see it working for correspondence anyway. Currently there are too few open challenges in “long games” area, nothing suitable most of the time. I suppose people who play correspondence on OGS mostly get their games from ladders and tournaments (I certainly do), although sometimes I see people posting a bunch of custom challenges, DGS-style. Having an automatch for correspondence won’t hurt, but I don’t think it will be very popular.

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Well, I guess it would only be to cover all the spectrum. If it’s there, it won’t hurt; if it’s not there, there’ll certainly be some users asking for it.

You could use tygem auto match system, where the players decide on the time setting after they get matched. So have 3 options titled blitz, live and correspondence maybe. Then once the players get matched they can decide there time settings and if they can’t agree they leave the room with no penalty.

Nah. Automatch should be automatch, i.e. automatic. you click, you get paired, you play. @HowToPlay that is like pseudo-automatch. When you want to play a game, either you want to play live, or blitz or corr. My thoughts.

Yes but when a live game can differ from 10 minutes main to 30 minutes main have a choice is nice, same with blitz and correspondence. 3-7 days 1-5 minutes etc etc

@HowToPlay on Chess servers you get a limited choice of popular times to choose from. For example;

  • 2 minutes max time with a 15 second increment.
  • 5 minutes main time with 5x 30 second periods.
  • 15 minutes main time with 3x 30 second periods.
  • 30 minutes main time with 3x 30 second periods.

The idea being that the fewer choices available the more likely you will be to find a quick match. Quick is the whole point; if you want a specific time control and are willing to wait a few minutes for a game to start, create a standard open challenge. Automatch is for people who just want to click a button and get a game started.


The real issue is to do with the number of players in the automatch queue. If there are fewer players then the system will struggle to match evenly rated players. If that becomes a regular thing then people will gradually stop using the automatch service. This enforces the need for the smallest selection of time controls possible.

The problem is actually compounded for Go servers because of the variety of board sizes. If you accommodate the three common board sizes then the queue for each time control will be reduced in size by a further third. That implies that only 19x19 games should be part of the automatch service - either that or only one time control should be offered.

I can’t help but feel like this is a problem that doesn’t need solving. I’m going to open a separate thread to propose an alternative.

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I’ve opened a new thread called Open Challenge Presets to propose an alternative solution.

I think it would alleviate the need for an automatch feature, solve the problem it was trying to address and remove the contention about how an automatch feature should be implemented.