Open Challenge Presets

I note that there’s a lively debate going on in the Automatch Proposal thread. As I mentioned there, I don’t think that is a problem that needs solving. The seek graph is already an excellent way to quickly find open challenges. What we lack is an easy way to create those challenges in the first place.

The automatch feature would solve the problem of creating challenges but it introduces all sorts of complexity concerning what time controls should be offered and whether negotiations should take place. I think a simpler solution is available.

I propose an Open Challenge Preset feature. When creating a new game, or viewing the open challenges, a list of presets should be available to the user to create an open challenge with a single click. This preset list would be pre-populated with common time controls or settings, so that each user starts with three presets available.

However, this list should be customisable. Each user has their own preferred time controls or settings. For example, I like correspondence games a particular way. I also have a few live time controls that I like. It is difficult for me to create open challenges because I have to repopulate the form each time.

If I could create a list of preset time controls and settings this would allow me to create one of my preferred open challenges with a single click. This would solve the problem of open challenges taking time to create and would, I think, alleviate the need for a complicated or limited automatch feature.

What do you think?


Although this idea has received a few likes it’s not received much in the way of enthusiastic replies.

I’m an effort to give it more exposure I have created an Open Challenge Preset entry on the OGS uservoice pages.

Please do vote for the idea if it would benefit you.

This idea already exists on uservoice for quite a long time:

So no, you won’t get any enthusiastic replies and you won’t get many votes on uservoice, either, because everyone who is interested in improvements has had their votes locked in for more than a year and there are plenty of other suggestions there that are also very good. You and other interested people might consider shifting your votes to the older proposal for focus, but I don’t think that it will change anything.

Thank you, I shall delete my duplicate proposal, transfer my votes and close this thread.

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