OGS bug: game finished by what?

I was playing a game with my friend, and we started this game to have no time rule. In other words, any of us could take any possible time to make our moves. The game would only finish by the playing rules: if one of us resigned, or if we passed consecutively, to count the score.

The reason that we close this is due our current hard time availability in life. We did not want to add one more trouble, we wanted to have fun, playing in our free time, whenever it happens, no matter if it takes time to.

But our game finished with the message “Brancas ganharam por Tempo expirou”. This message is in Brazilian Portuguese, the language I use. Its translation to English is “White won by Time expired”; the message in English may not be exactly this because the message is a bit strange to me, I think it is probably a bad or wrong translation to my language.

I want to:

  1. Ask administrators or developers to restore the status of our game, so it is active, and we can play it until the moment we choose to stop.

  2. Report this bug with a game that WAS started with all settings to make it be like I said: have no time limit to make any move. And this information was clearly written to us, since the day we started the game!

The game is:

Thank you,


p.s.: I wanted to make this message also have the category support, besides the 2 it has now. It involves all 3 categories, I think. But this was not possible, and I would say this is another bug.

It has been known since at least 2017 that games without a time limit do, in fact, have a time limit. It has never been clear to me what the actual limit is, but I would estimate somewhere between 5 and 7 weeks without a move (based on personal experience and observation). However, your report is valuable as a reminder that this is still happening.


You can also choose to fork the game to continue playing it.

There’s a button below the game board or on the sidebar for it, though you may want to adjust the komi by a couple of points as I believe it might not remember captures.

If this limit exists, we should be told about it! Or we should never be allowed to start a game that clearly says the moves have no time limit.


Thank you for your comments and suggestion details, but we do not want to fork the game to continue it because that would lose all the private conversation we did, since the very start, in specific moves and moments. And I did not even think there would be the issue with the current score - I would discover the issue in a practical error, probably.

Besides this, there is the bug of OGS finishing a game by timeout, but this game was created not to have any move time limit! And my friend lost by time!

Anyway the best way to play a game without time limit seems to pause it (in a paused game the clock is stopped but you are still allowed to play moves).


Do we know if the pause would mysteriously terminate, as well?

I not aware of a time limit like this, and I do agree that if there is one it’s a bug or at best a mis-labelling that ought to be fixed…

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Here’s a thread from 2015 where anoek responded. It seems to be known/expected behavior, but I don’t understand the reasoning myself.

I’ve had this strike as well— I tend to use “no time limit” with friends, and this summer one of them was busy for a couple of months and our games timed out.

Not necessarily wrong to have an upper limit (from the other thread, seems like it’s equivalent to simple 30d/move), but would also appreciate seeing it. Also, if “pause” works to extend the limit, great (I can learn to use that), but maybe that would defeat the purpose of having an upper limit?


I don’t know for sure but I’ve seen examples of games being paused for years.

Not completely since any player can unpause the game at any time, and the number of pauses is limited.

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jlt, do you know if moves can be made while the game is paused?

Moves can be made while a game is paused

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Thank you! :smile:

I have a game paused for over 3 years.