OGS Coding party

Hello !!

So, OGS is now Open source ! (the front office) as many of you have already noticed. Many have already helped through filing issues or even submitting pull requests.

When will the first OGS coding party take place ? :slight_smile:

code, goban and stones look like an amazing combo and a cool way to exchange between OGS lovers.

What do you think ?



Is a coding party like the computer people’s version of a barn-raising?

Obviously we are running it in London, as the natural centre location for our global community (and my current location, by tiny coincidence)


Nah. We’re doin’ it in Tierra del Fuego. Now that will be a test of loyalty.

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I meant… https://goo.gl/maps/PE5TnPP7z1s


Now that is seriously a long way from anywhere!

Maybe this belongs in a different thread, but: any devs in Boston? :smiley:

We could make a map!


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