OGS counting is not right

How do I solve this. It didn’t even ask me to agree with the default counting.

Looks correct to me. Note that the game used chinese rules.
EDIT: I am stupid, check below

Aside from the lower right corner, how does White live in the top left if Black plays C9?

As Adam3141 pointed out.

Good question :smiley:
according to sensei walkie talkie can result in seki or ko. (https://senseis.xmp.net/?WalkieTalkieSeven)

However, since black passed insted of attacking he considered it unconditionally alive and thus it is his decision, not the mistake of scoring.

But it is very weird, @FieldL that there would be no remove stones phase if that’s what you are saying, there definately should have been one…

Oh no of course it is wrong, sorry :smiley: I only quickly checked on my mobile and furthermore am an idiot.
For some reason I thought you are questioning the count, not the status of the groups themselves.

Well in that case I guess the only thing you can do is report the game to a moderator by the right slide out panel, but I am unsure what the policy is on overturning the score of finished games.

But if you are sure there really was no scoring phase that would be a big mistake, and is the second time I have seen it reported now :confused:

Looks like Black could make the ko in the top left, then make a threat in bottom right and kill one of the groups. I guess if Black was already ahead then it was optional bloodlust.

The local scoring in the lower right is obviously wrong, though; looks like seki.

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It has happened twice to me. But the first time I still won so I ignored that. This time I was just waiting and it says I lose. If you check my game history, I never lose a game by counting.

I think I already win if count like this, that’s why I just passed.

And thanks for your replies. I have called moderators but it seems nobody is there.

Did you use the Report Game button in the menu of the gamepage?

I think mod can annul the game nowadays, you can contact a mod now to annul this game so that you won’t lose any point from this. (but they can’t change the result.)

Contact a mod by messaging them sometimes works better than the call mod button. (Eg. mlopezviedma, Revar Isavé are active mods)

Also, I think since it’s a correspondence game you might have missed the scoring phase since white is the last one to pass. I think the system accept the result for you after a certain period of time. (forgot how long, maybe 24hrs )


Well, the bug of not being able to disagree with the count should be fixed… but the count is correct. Both players passed, so I think the Chinese counting is correct. If Black had played C9 then upper left corner would have been seki, as @Adam3141 pointed out (above, re: Walkie Talkie 7).

The count is wrong. lower right is seki as Adam pointed out, the only the player didn’t play out the left top is to save time I guess cuz he already won regardless.