OGS css Look

So recently we got an update for custom url gobans. I’m really excited about this and I think it became a thing because of a forum post here where we used css inject to play around with it and there was a lot of interest.

So I’m wondering if some people would be interested in improving the look of OGS by creating custom themes that we could pick from. We could just use a css inject again and maybe the popular ones would actually get implemented!

This post is my hopes to start a discussion about this topic and maybe inspire some people to make some themes we could all try out!


I made a custom theme for my profile page, check it out


PLEASE tell me how you did that! lol


You can edit the about field in your profile to inject a CSS stylesheet. I added this line:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://yewang.github.io/ProfileCSS/profile.css">