OGS Donation problem

I’d like to stop my monthly donation, and then start it again. How do I do that?

I am having a problem with my OGS donation and Paypal. Earlier this year, I changed the checking account associated with Paypal. Somehow my OGS monthly donation tells Paypal to take the money from the old checking account. It bounces, and get charged to my credit card. I have no idea why a Paypal request from OGS would include any information about where my Paypal money sources are, but I think the easiest solution is to delete the regular payment, and start it again.



Hi, you have to stop the donation from the PayPal side.

As crodgers said… we don’t store any information regarding your paypal account or anything, and we don’t actually initiate the charge or make a request against paypal… that’s done from a subscription in your paypal account, by cancelling the subscription there then we will get a message posted to us notifying us that you have canceled it and will clear your supporter status.

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