OGS got even better for me today!

I have to admit, it is entirely my fault:
After several weeks of getting annoyed by the UI to change drastically when my active game count exceeded 10 games, i today (merely by accident) found the setting to tweak this behaviour to my liking.
I wonder if anyone else had this problem. Maybe having a higher default value would mitigate it?


But then takes more time to display


True, there is a trade-off as always. But i would argue that (large and unanticipated) changes in page layout are more irritating than small variations in loading speeds. Internet speed is potentially varying all the time, so people are probably pretty used to that.

Some people have a slow connection, especially on a smartphone. I think 10 games is reasonable.

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Ok, fine. I am happy now anyways :slight_smile:

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An improvement would be to display the 10 most “urgent” games (the games where it’s your turn and where you have the least time).


Good idea. I like that.

Yes. I think it’s more and less what is displayed but not perfectly

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I don’t think so. I think jlt suggested to display 10 of the games always on a board and list the rest of the games in table mode. What we have right now is either 10 full game boards or a list of 11 games. The automatic switch beween those two options is too drastic in my opinion.

But maybe you just meant the sorting? That might be the case.

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A yes. Then i dunno for aesthetic and if you look some criteria common of games displayed and not displayed. I would put it as option but in fact we are trying to have no option…


I see your point. Too many options were probably the reason i overlooked this one :slight_smile:
As I said, I am happy now. There is no one best solution when it comes to UI, so we could just keep it the way it is.

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Having the option at the source, rather than buried in settings might help idk. We have a table/goban toggle on Observe Games page that does that:


Good idea!

Switch [(full) list] / [quantity of thumbnails]?

Or same switch+ adjustable quantity aside?

And yes we could have that same full bar on the profile page too?


I really like that idea. It could also be used on the profile page. It would be awesome to browse game history in that way. It would be really consistent to have this bar everywhere where a list of games is displayed. But I know, easier said than done :slight_smile:


… but then again, we know you know how :smiley:


It would become slower.