OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system! [2017]

Hello, thanks for any improvement and the time you spend into this.
I’m a bit worrying, if someone is going to lose, he can ran out of time and the game is canceled, according to your rule:
Correspondence games between two players that rank difference of more than 2 and end in a timeout will no longer be rated.

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The “Overall” rating is the only one that is used, it’s what drives your rank, which is what is applicable when you talk about a rank restriction.

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Yeah, I was going to feel it out. There are a few 10d+'s floating around, we’ll see how things perform.

Yeah, it doesn’t even have to be abuse. I’m not sure, but I suspect I time out more in positions where I’m losing, just because I tend to play faster in easy positions. I have no intent to abuse the system, but if the timeouts are not distributed evenly, it will skew the results.


“10k” is 9.0k - 10.0k or 9.5k - 10.5k ?
Is it 1600 - 1700 for example ?
I don’t understand what I see on graph.

Well, I’m a paper tiger now. Hear me roar.

Maybe when new system stabilize we should make a survey of these ranks and update sensei’s library rank comparison page.


If the new system continues to hold up over time will the old one eventually be removed?

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Congratulations! Looks like this was a lot of work. Excited that now people will be matched up more accurately!


10k is 9.0k to 10.0k . The ratings to ranking math is not as pretty as it is under the EGF model, it’s 850*exp(rank*0.032) where 30k is rank 0. For instance, 9k is 1664.4 and 10k is 1612.0.


Yep, probably in a couple of weeks if everything is still looking good by then.

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I love it!

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Looks great on PC, but when will the update go through on iOS? :drooling_face:

We need someone to write a manual for dummies like me. So far all this “list of recent games” doesn’t make much sense.

Fwiw, I really like the breakout, have been hoping for it for a long time, and hope it stays. If some people find it misleading or confusing, maybe it can be hidden by default? But it would be nice if it remains available in some form even if it’s not shown by default


In the chat room, sometimes ranks are showing the old number and sometimes the new number. Here’s a shot showing the mix:

Kaworu Nagisa is actually 6d now, and sometimes shows in chat as 6d, but is currently showing as 3d.

Also, suggestion, cap all displayed ranks at 9d. Even if your rating is 13d, show a 9d rank, not a 13d rank. Tradition and all other servers kinda require 9d to be the max shown?


On “Games” page ranks of players displays in old system
also in profile while game continues

I noticed in Ten’s games, his rank is shown as a dan rank when he talks in chat. I never paid attention to how it looked before, but it shows him as an 8d in some chats. Got curious and found one of Haylee’s messages as a 10d.

I’m assuming they should be consistently shown as their pro ranks?

“Games against bots which result in a timeout will not be rated.”

Should that only apply when the bot times out? So we aren’t encouraging humans to time out on purpose vs bots every time they think they are going to lose.

@jgk that was an old bug that I believe got fixed. Maybe old chat rooms still show the way it used to instead of showing the new way? Hmm.

Maybe we can lure @Ten into a game to say something to test it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jgk, I mentioned it in the bug report database. It was fixed 3 months ago but I think it slipped past the glicko changes.