OGS Import for go-academy.org

Hey online-go.com players,

We are happy to announce that we just published a feature to import games from OGS to www.go-academy.org with only 1 click. This way you can conveniently upload your games to our platform to get them reviewed by a stronger player.
It’s still in beta but we would be happy if you try it out and let us know if anything doesn’t work. Hope you like it!

PS: Thanks to the great OGS team for the fantastic API!


Link above should be www.go-academy.org.


@Traveller: Thank you so much for the correction! It’s a shame that I made a mistake with the URL of my own website. :flushed:


Hi all,

We just wanted to let you know that we fixed a minor bug concerning the import of games from player names with special characters.

There’s also one thing you should know about the calendar. Currently we are using the start date of a game. Especially for correspondence games this sometimes is a bit tricky.

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