OGS Joseki Dictionary transposing lines

Transposing Joseki lines should transition seemlessly into each other instead of requiring you to click a link, don’t you think? As an example, https://online-go.com/joseki/38878 tells me to see Position 26341. This is very clunky and I don’t see a reason to have this.

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I’m not sure you want to transition “seamlessly” - this seems to imply that when you click the move that takes you to this position, you want to suddenly be on the other one … but the other one has a diffrerent sequence to arrive at it.

Josekipedia has what I would like us to have: a thumbnail that pops up showing you the other position, which you can click on. Putting this in place is “on the list”.

(I agree that “Position23445” is clunky, and the only reason to have it is the time and effort involved in making something better)

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Although this is an older post I wanted to vote against this feature request. Specifically, because I’m going to suggest (once I find the correct thread) that move numbers be added as a toggle to the Joseki Dictionary. For example, if someone where to send a link to a finished joseki it would be nice to be able to see how it was arrived at without out having to back out and walk forward again (which is very error prone).

I thought of transposing when you asked the question but came to the opposite conclusion.

If transposing worked seamlessly, it would take you to a version of the transposed joseki that remembered the path you followed to arrive there, and move numbering would work fine.

One of the difficulties, probably, is that the server would sometimes need to exchange colors and words like “top” or “right”.