OGS June Team League

I’m adding a team-by-team matchup results table to the OP.


I’d like to suggest these guidelines for balanced team entry into next month’s league.

  • Best one dan, second-best two or no dans. No more than two dans.

  • Best one or two SDKs, second-best three SDKs, third-best no SDKs. No more than three SDKs.

  • Best one or two DDKs, second-best no DDKs, third-best three DDKs. No more than three DDKs.

Paging an available @moderators, over.

Help us out guys, this is getting a long thread.

We have this every month?

We’ll see how this one goes first, eh? :D


Here is my opinion. Finding players in the 1k-6k range is quite easy, but we are lacking dans and really lacking DDKs. On the other hand requiring board 4 to be a DDK may be too strict. I would suggest the following rules:

Board 1: must be 1k or stronger. Ideally 1d or stronger.

Board 2: must be in the range 1d-6k. Ideally 1k-5k.

Board 3: must be in the range 4k-10k. Ideally 6k-10k.

Board 4: must be 7k or weaker. Ideally DDK.


@Samraku @Notbiased @ngothonghy @chienepu1995

Would any of you like to play tomorrow or the day after?

I notice no-one has any games scheduled for then.

I’m best available around 12:00–20:00 UTC+1.

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I’d be available at any of those times.

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You missed this game in your OP team-by-team matchup :stuck_out_tongue:

| 2021-06-06T14:00:00Z | 3 | jiveo - ThieuN | W+5.5 | OGS team league |

I also added a OGS-lookalike table in the wikipost so people can see how many score their team have currently :smiley:


I like the idea to have even ranks as much as possible. We can break existing teams into three, let the 4-5d be captains to draft their teams. If can have 1-2 more 4-5d, even better. I think it would be ok not everyone plays every round. This way, we can handle uneven # of players, then some play more is also ok.

All I’m saying is this is not some serious competition, we can come up with any rule we want to have some fun.

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Yeah usually in our inhouse team, we let the captains pick players in 1-2-2-2-1 orders, that would balance itself. It has a bit of requirement that players should know about each other though.

In the case of forum tournament, not allow teams to draft themself may lead into the issue that you don’t have a “sense of belonging” in your own team :sweat_smile:

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Allowing a team to have more than 1 player per board, so that not everyone plays every round, may be a good idea to provide better matches, but I don’t think that the team captains should be required to be 4-5d, this would exclude the Vietnamese team(s). I see that the group of Vietnamese players is very dynamic and supportive of each other.


My personal preference regarding balancing:

I understand that people want to register as teams, I feel that having something in common or knowing each other creates a stronger feeling of connection. So to keep the matches interesting despite high rating disparity, I would propose playing with normal handicap instead of half. Whether the handicap is stone placement or reverse komi is up for debate, as long as the resulting matchup is approximately 50-50.

Edit: So full handicap is maybe too much, given that there are different ratings inside a rank. But I feel that the half handicap definetely makes matchups of high rank difference very one-sided.

More dates:

| June 11, 2021 8:00 AM | 4 | DGF.EET - ttttkan | — | — |
| June 16, 2021 1:00 AM | 4 | @Cadspen - ttttkan | — | — |

@Samraku I think I’ll be playing against chienepu tonight, so shall we play tomorrow evening?

Say 18:00 UTC?

I’ll be playing against chienepu in about 90 mins.

Hopefully going to be streaming the game on my twitch channel bugkitten.

Not much point adding it to the timing table on such short notice.


hyperventilating in mild OCD


So… what do we do as a team?

I won against chienepu, so our team hasn’t lost a game yet.

I’d say just keep on going as so~


Play go, have fun, support each other, gather points for wins and in the end there will be a ranking of the teams.