OGS Ladder Rules

I’m not making new challenges, but new long games are appearing for me… Can somebody explain me what’s happening?

I’m participating in the ladders… are these games mandatory?

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You’re receiving Ladder challenges. You have joined the Site ladders for 19x19, 13x13 and 9x9. Ladders work by letting you challenge players higher up the ladder. If you win the game, you get their ladder position. This also means that others lower in the ladder are able to challenge your position (otherwise you can get a nice high position and never lose it).

So yes, ladder challenges are mandatory if you’ve joined the ladder. You can drop out of the ladder if you don’t want them, because ladders themselves are not mandatory :slight_smile: . Also, you can be challenged for at most three simultaneous games per ladder (and similarly you can only challenge three other players simultaneously).


I’ve seen people just cancel ladder challenges though?

Is that not supposed to be possible, or should it count as a loss (for the ladder placement I mean) etc?

If someone challenges you on the ladder, you can always cancel that challenge (before you make a move), which will result in:

  1. The game not counting toward any ratings changes (i.e, the kyu-dan system).
  2. The challenger immediately taking the spot above you on the ladder (if they have not already moved up higher from some other game).

If the second thing does not happen, then it’s probably a bug that should be reported.