OGS Ladders

Hi, there!

Does anyone knows why in ladders there are kept players that are not active (loose the games by timeout)? It’s pretty annoying to start the ladder on place 1000 and up to place 200 win all the games by timeout. Why keep players in the ladder who don’t want to play? What’s the point of having a hierarchy when a weak player can jump 100 places by wining by timeout?

In my opinion the very idea of ladder is ruined by these rules, but maybe I’m wrong and there are some good explanations for them.
I look forward to hearing from you.


If I recall correctly, everyone agrees this is an issue, but I’m not sure where current state of doing something about it is

Afaik a timeout on a ladder game already kicks one out. So your challenges to inactive players do clean up the ladder at the earliest possible time, when it becomes evident that the player is inactive. You might hit a few of these in a row, but such incidents should decrease/stop towards the top. :slight_smile: