OGS Lag Costing Games

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people say they can’t play blitz because of lag causing them to time out of games.

I was wondering why OGS lags? Something as small as Go shouldn’t lag like rts games. I don’t think I’ve ever played on a Go server that timed me out without my internet doing something silly and that was rare.

Don’t get me wrong, OGS is the #1 english server. But the #1 server shouldn’t lag in my opinion.


I wondered, if we need to reduce the displayed time on the clock by 2 roundtrip times or 200ms, or anything alike.

That would make sense. I seem to remember that you should play your moves with more than 1 second left on the clock, for fear of latency.

At higher levels, I was trained to wait until 2 or 1 second to play my move to get the most thinking time. I use my ears A LOT as this is how I was trained.