OGS Link Collection


Pls add few more websites:
http://breakfast.go4go.net Go lessons
http://gogame.info Goama magazine
http://gosensations.com Go servers news
http://baduk.eu Fan club of Lee Changho
http://vk.com/go_secrets Largest Go group in vk.com


Nice list.
Some feedback

This Dwyrin character gets annoying really fast. Per 1 hour of video, there is very little useful advice. Too much random blabbering and ego tripping. That idiotic bobbing head of his, at the corner of the screen, is truly annoying. This guys is a narcissist but I guess this is a prerequisite for any tube-clown aka youtuber.

Nick Sibicky was OK (lectures with KGS client) until he figured out how to add his talking head to the video. Same problem. It adds 0 value and is just annoying.


Petition to add my YouTube and Twitch channels to the link collection? :wink:

1 hour Go videos can be long indeed…I made a 6-minute one recently, though :smiley:


6 min stuff is good. I do not have YT account but you get +1 from me.


Why can’t i see this topic in top of go resources, even if it should be pinned?


I think that might be a peculiarity of discourse (the forum software). It seems that when a post is pinned, it will become “unpinned for you” (meaning affecting just your view) after you have read it.

I guess it kind of makes sense. Pinning promotes a post by preventing it from getting buried by new posts (before everyone gets a chance to see it), but it then can float down after you have read it, so it isn’t always taking up space at the top.


There is an option to turn this on and off. You find it in Preferences -> Interface “Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” I think it’s off by default, but I changed it several times, so I’m not sure about it.