OGS Mingren Main Title Tournament 2015

The OGS Mingren Main Title Tournament 2015 will start on April 1st, 2016. Please sign up here and have fun!

Also, the latest title tournament results have been updated in our group page :smile:


Shouldn’t that be 2016?

(I explained it in the tournament chat as well :smile:) Basically Mingren Main 2014 didn’t formally take place as the other titles, and I didn’t want to miss a year, so I decided to use a few years with 10 months as a cycle (instead of a whole year) to catch up with the other ones: Mingren 2014 kicked off in June 2015, Mingren 2015 will begin in April 2016, Mingren 2016 in February 2017, and hopefully Mingren 2017 in December 2017. I guess this would be the only exception among all the titles :sweat_smile:

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Missed that.



Three long years! But finally!

Sadly, I quit early on, but I can still look back at my games and remind myself how much further I got from that time. Which for some reason only resulted in measly three stones improvement.

Let’s take this moment to reflect on the time that’s passed and astonishing persistence of those who stuck it out to the end.